I am writing this article on behalf of my Asian-American colleagues who were affected by the hate incident that occurred Oct. 10 in the San Nicolas Residence Hall. I am glad that the Daily Nexus covered the story on this incident because it shouldn’t be something that should just slide by.

The previous article states that this stuff happens every year and the administration hasn’t taken much of a visible action. What is going on here? Something like this shouldn’t be overlooked and buried away because, soon enough, there’s going to be built-up racial tension that can later be expressed as violence. If the administration does something about it now, there will be fewer problems to deal with in the future, and unnecessary measures will not have to be taken.

It seems to me that the unidentified suspects made it pretty clear that there was racism behind their actions because they deliberately used the egg as some sort of racial message targeted towards the Asian and Pacific Islander cultural studies special interest hall. The act of egging is not in itself the big problem, but the underlying message behind it is what really bothers me.

The racist verbal message, “chinks,” was used to target all Asian-Americans as a whole. We have heard this word over and over again throughout Asian-American history. The context of the word further discriminates against Asians because not all Asians are from China, but come from all different ethnic backgrounds. We all speak different languages and are different people.

When we are called “chinks,” we are grouped or stereotyped by our very looks. We are not given our own identity but, because of our face, we are discriminated against. We are living in a new generation where we are no longer going to stand by and let these things pass by without taking action. If you think Asian-Americans are going to be passive about this, think again.

I believe administration should definitely do something about this incident so that this won’t ever happen again. I understand that racism cannot totally be alleviated, but if the administration puts down strict regulations on those who are caught in such acts, these things wouldn’t have to happen over and over again.

UCSB is a prestigious university, and I believe that hate incidents should not be tolerated. What the suspects did was very immature, and they have to realize that what they did not only affects the people on the fifth floor of San Nicolas, but it also affects all minority groups on campus.

Whoever they are, they need to grow up and understand that these acts are unacceptable. If they have problems with the Asian interest floor, they should take it out in a more mature, college-level manner.

Instead, they were cowards who basically threw the egg yolks out the elevator and ran away. How childish is that? Doesn’t it pretty much remind you of something you would do as a little kid?

Please stop letting these hate incidents pass by. Students should learn to respect others no matter how different they are. If there are no measures to be taken about what had happened, there are going to be more tension among students, and someone could possibly get hurt the next time it happens.

Please don’t let it amount up to that. Whether it’s Asians, Latinos, blacks, whites or any other ethnic groups on campus, nobody should have to fear being harassed because of who they are. If you can’t respect, then get out!

Christine Bai is a junior Asian American studies major.