With a much-debated recall on the Nov. 5 ballot, volunteers are scurrying about Isla Vista and UCSB to get last-minute potential voters registered.

Today is the last day to resister to vote in the upcoming election. Volunteers from the I.V. Tenants Union, Rep. Lois Capps’ office, Assemblywoman Hannah-Beth Jackson’s office, 3rd District Supervisor Gail Marshall’s office and Associated Students have been out registering voters in the local area. Isla Vista Recreation and Parks District board member and volunteer for the No on Recall campaign Diane Conn said these efforts have successfully registered 5,000 people as of a couple of days ago. Conn said she thinks the tremendous push to register voters in the last few days has put them either above or very close to their goal of 6,000 people.

“This figure includes voters in Isla Vista, UCSB and in university-owned housing,” she said.

Conn said registration efforts have been focused on door-to-door campaigning, local shopping areas and tables posted on campus.

“Our biggest success has been going into classrooms. Professors have been kind enough to either let us make announcements in class or let us pass out the registration cards in class, which is great because people can take their time and hand them in later,” she said. “The cooperation of the faculty at UCSB has been great.”

Although most registration volunteers are working on behalf of a specific candidate, A.S. is conducting nonpartisan registration efforts.

According to Conn, the more aggressive than usual registration tactics are primarily attributed to the campaign to recall Marshall. A group of 3rd District voters who want to replace Marshall with retired Sheriff Jim Thomas launched the campaign because they claim Marshall does not represent her constituents’ interests.

“When Marshall ran two years ago, we really pushed to register students then, too,” Conn said. “It’s the way it always is when the 3rd District supervisor is on the ballot, because it’s a position that so directly affects our lives as residents in I.V.”

Conn said recall campaigners have a financial benefit over No on Recall campaigners, so they are resorting to grassroots efforts.

“The recall people try so hard to prevent students from voting. We want to make sure everyone who can vote, does vote,” she said. “The message is, whether you think you want to vote or not, at least register so you can have that option on Election Day.”

Voter registration booths will be set up on campus in the Arbor and in front of the UCen.