Someone who is not listening closely enough would say, “Eh, it sounds like the last album.” But COCO – pronounced “see oh see oh” – is on a mission to get all those lazy-ass hipsters, wallflowers and show-offs out on the dance floor to bump, twist and step to the organic drum and bass sound, without the complication of what they call “digital onslaught.”

Think old funk, the raw beats of early disco and sassy hip-hop combining to appeal to the spastic brand of indie kid. Stuff that commands booty shaking and attitude. What happens when the underground “colored folk” hop and “The Corny Collins Show” in John Waters’ “Hairspray” overcome the racial prejudice shit and get to dancing.

The Olympia, Wash. duo is drummer Chris Sutton (he also plays with Dub Narcotic Sound System), providing the skeleton of the beat, and Olivia Ness on bass, getting your heart, butt and head shaking.

The COCO Sound is early ’60s instructional dance, sassy soul funk and sweaty, fervent, smooth body invigoration at its best. The album also has the essential intro and short, snappy song format that keeps the basement disco wannabes on their toes.

One can even experience this live when COCO plays at the Biko Co-op in Isla Vista on Oct. 30. I know I’ll be there with tight pants, slick shoes and a dance routine in mind. Just wish I had a bigger ass and quicker feet.

[Ben Lau is Isla Vista soul brother numero uno, minus the soul. And the whole bit about being a brother]