Editor, Daily Nexus,

This week, many Isla Vista residents may have noticed the spray painted lines in the center of their street. I came home from class today to see two construction vehicles outside my house with jackhammers. My roommates and I inquired as to what construction would be taking place in front of our house. We were informed, by very courteous and helpful members of the Roads Dept., that the county would be installing islands in the middle of almost all the 6600 blocks in Isla Vista.

These traffic islands will eliminate at least six curbside parking spots on each block. These islands will also impede access to our driveway and I’m sure will result in other parking and traffic difficulties in the already congested streets of I.V. What angered us most is that, as usual, we weren’t consulted or given any notice as to the public works project that will be going up in front of our driveway.

We all know that speeding cars and the heavy pedestrian traffic in I.V. can be a dangerous combination, especially with the events of two years ago, but I do not believe that taking away more parking and adding a potential hazard in the center of the street is the appropriate solution. Speed bumps could easily do the job without removing parking.

Also, whatever is planted or put inside these islands won’t last long. One Friday or Saturday night is all that’s needed to trample any growth that will be planted here.

These islands will also further reduce room for pedestrians who are often in the way of cars trying to get down the street. This is yet another case of the powers-that-be taking charge of our town without consulting the residents who will be affected.

I urge all Isla Vista and UCSB residents to contact Rob Eaton, assistant traffic engineer for the County of Santa Barbara, via telephone at 568-3308 or via e-mail at <eaton@co.santa-barbara.ca.us>. Voice your opinion about these traffic islands, which will just take away more parking and become pedestrian hazards and to thank him for asking for resident input.