Name: Annabelle Steinberg
Nickname: Jingles
Age: 18
Hometown: Calabasas, CA
Major: Art studio, poli sci minor
Interests: Black Flag, Misfits, AFI, Food Not Bombs, AFI, Jack Kerouac and AFI.
Favorite Radio Station: “KCSB 91.9, except when they’re playing that hip hop and electronic crap. And world music totally sucks, y’know?”
On Friday Night I…: “Go to the Hard To Find [7190 Hollister Ave.] and see these rad indie rock bands, and I talk with my friends about how much cooler the Hard To Find is than the Living Room. ‘Cos it is. But not as cool as Biko, y’know?”
On Saturday Night I…: “Check out the Living Room [430C S. Fairview], they’ve always got some killer punk band on. Man, there’s so much energy there, way more than at the Hard To Find. But it’s not as cool as Biko, y’know?”
Definitive Quote: “Fuck you. How’s my eyeliner? Should it be smudged more? Fuck you.”

Name: Ray Kwan
Nickname: Honeysuckle
Age: 20
Hometown: Orinda, CA
Major: Biopsych
Interests: ProTools, candy, shopping at Scavenge [418 State St.] and PLUR.
Favorite Radio Station: “Sometimes there’s some sick shit on Q104.7 and KCSB. PLUR, bro.”
On Friday Night I…: “You gotta know the right people, and you’ll find out about where the shit is going down. Nah, I didn’t do anything on Friday.”
On Saturday Night I…: “Was walking down DP [Del Playa], right, and there was this bumpin’ party. I didn’t know you could just find some mean-ass trance off the street. It was fresh. I met this girl there and she gave me some numbers to call…”
Definitive Quote: “PLUR, man. Peace, love, unity and… um, I forgot. I’m so tired, I’m going to sleep now.”

Name: Jesse Coward
Nickname: “Not Jess. Not Jesse. Jesse Coward. Don’t condescend to me.”
Age: 19
Hometown: Irvine, CA
Major: Creative studies, lit emphasis
Interests: Rimbaud, Derrida, Camus, anyone who sounds French, insulting stupid people, and Velvet Underground.
Favorite Radio Station: “You can’t get it in Santa Barbara. It’s a pirate radio station from the lower west side of Manhattan that refuses to be dragged into the morass of pop culture in which we are all struggling like flies caught on flypaper. Oh, and NPR on 88.7, sometimes.”
On Friday Night I…: “Read my latest poems during open mic at Java Jones [6560 Pardall Rd.], and though they’re far too intellectual for that crowd, if I can touch just one person subliminally, it might be worth it.”
On Saturday Night I…: “Find it stimulating to check out Arts & Lectures and enrich my life with the fine – if bourgeois – array of entertainment they may be providing on any given weekend.”
Definitive Quote: “As Baudrillard would have said – oh, you wouldn’t have heard of him. Well, then, as Carson Daly would have said…”

Name: Tina Marie
Nickname: T-Mare
Age: 20
Major: Sociology
Hometown: Oxnard, CA
Interests: Music, slam poetry, head scarves and large hoop earrings.
Favorite Radio Station: “Try Q104.7 for some jams, or check out 91.9 for a bunch of nobody MCs.”
On Friday Night I…: “I’ve been scopin’ for a hip hop scene in SB for fully two years, and all I can say is that shit is whack, yo. There ain’t nothin’ here for beat-heads. You gotta hit L.A. to find dope beats. You got wheels? No? Fuck it, I’m gonna cruise down to the MCC [MultiCultural Center] for some spoken word.”
On Saturday Night I…: “Saturdays are when I scope out the various DJ’s droppin’ jams on DP [Del Playa]. I am – gettin’ too hot…”
Definitive Quote: “Don’t hate, congratulate. That bein’ said, fuck this town. Word.”

Name: Samantha Perkins
Nickname: Sam, Sammy, Perky
Age: 19
Major: History
Hometown: Redding, CA
Interests: Campus Crusade for Christ, school and family.
Favorite Radio Station: “I like to listen to KRUZ 103.3 while I’m doing homework in my room.”
On Friday Night I…: “My friends and I like to rent movies at Emerald Video [6545 Pardall Rd.] when we’re not hosting an awesome res hall activity, like casino night! Being an RA [resident assistant] keeps me super-busy, but the lasting bonds I make with my residents make it all worthwhile.”
On Saturday Night I…: “Like to go bowling at Zodo’s [5925 Calle Real], which is great because it’s always open. I can go out, bowl and still be home by 11:00, so I’m well-rested for Sunday mass!”
Definitive Quote: “Anacapa rules! Just say no, and remember – Jesus loves you.”

Name: Chris McGwire
Nickname: El Jocko, C-Dawg
Age: 18
Major: Bus/econ
Hometown: Palo Alto, CA
Interests: Sports, sex and … no, that’s it.
Favorite Radio Station: “KISS 107.7 is the dope bomb fly shit to listen to when you’re getting ready to go out.”
On Friday Night I…: “My frat [in the northwest quarter of Isla Vista] is always partying. Like last night, we had a pimp-and-ho party, and all the cuties from FT [Francisco Torres] were there. I busted all the moves: the Sprinkler, the Butter-Churn, the Shopping Cart… all the chicks totally dug the abs I built from surfing off Campus Point.”
On Saturday Night I…: “Have intramural tennis on Saturdays [call the RecCen at 893-7054]. Then, I go home, shower and hit DP. Tonight I’m going to a foam party at my friend’s place. You know what that means. Lots of honeys, not a lot of clothes. Sweet!”
Definitive Quote: “I have a ferret in my room. You wanna see it?”