The La Cumbre yearbook staff chose to have two co-editors next year, the first dual editorial position in the in the publication’s history.

Lauren Tarzia and Brittany Smith, who each have one year of experience and ran unopposed, asked if they could create a co-editor position this year to increase staff communication.

“We thought it would be easier to make decisions with two people,” Tarzia said. “And since we’ll be living together, we’ll be able to talk about our concerns, work at home and we won’t have any trouble contacting each other.”

The two editors will be working towards changing the image of next year’s book to be more like a magazine with vibrant photos and a “fun” layout.

The current editor, Jennifer Pearson, is graduating and will spend the next two years with the Peace Corps in Guinea, Africa. She said the two will work well together because “they’re like the same person, only two of them.”

Pearson said Tarzia will concentrate on fine details while Smith will spend more time working on the feel and image of the yearbook as a whole. Tarzia agreed, and added that she has more experience on the computer and Smith will concentrate on the articles and art layout.

“We have a lot of ideas,” Smith said. “It’s really excellent that there are returning staff members, so it’s not just us making the book, it’s everyone.”

Pearson said the biggest challenge is training new staff during Fall Quarter while sending the majority of book’s content to the publisher. La Cumbre has 25 employees, including photographers and computer experts, but is recruiting for next year to replace graduating seniors.

Tarzia and Smith will be leaving for a yearbook convention in New Orleans on Thursday to learn about improving the book’s photography, copy writing and design. They will represent La Cumbre at the Columbia Scholastic Press Association award ceremony in February and accept an award won by this year’s staff.

“I hope everyone looks forward to next year’s book and more people become aware of it,” Tarzia said. “We’ll definitely compensate for each other’s strengths and weaknesses.”