Over the last year, the 2001-02 Associated Students Legislative Council tackled some difficult issues, from the decriminalization of marijuana to the prohibition of cigarette sales on campus; from the sale of beer at athletic events to the reciting of the pledge of allegiance.

But on Wednesday night Leggies debated and answered the most pressing issue on campus: Is Kirsten Dunst more attractive than Natalie Portman? Though some members on Leg were caught in the web of Dunst’s perfect features and impressive resume, Portman came out as the real queen in Leg Council’s eye.

Off-Campus Rep Scott McDowell, who authored a bill in support of Dunst, cited her appearances in several well-known magazines and her superior performance in “Interview With the Vampire” at a young age. McDowell said he had no intention of objectifying women when writing the bill.

“If you are a girl I believe you cannot support a women who kissed Brad Pitt and did not like it,” said Rep at Large Jonathan Pineda when arguing against Dunst.

Rep at Large Manuel Silva, who authored the bill in favor of Portman, reminded some Leggies that the bills were an attempt to be light hearted.

“I don’t think this position paper is objectifying women I just think it says Natalie Portman is attractive,” he said. “You guys just have a little fun. Sometimes you take this too seriously.”

Former Campus Point Editor-in-Chief Jason Matthews also argued in favor of Portman since Dunst dated Toby Maguire, who he said did not have a pulse.

“You would choose a necropheliac over my beautiful first wife, who is Senator [of] Naboo,” he said.

In his final speech of the year as A.S. president, Brian Hampton congratulated Leg Council on a relatively productive year and apologized for not fulfilling everything in his campaign platform.

“I had some stuff that I really didn’t accomplish that I didn’t really expect to finish,” he said. “Some goals I made, some goals I didn’t. Sorry I didn’t get us a football team.”

The old council ended with remarks and tears. Off-Campus Rep Martin Doyle, who amended the 2002-03 budget the new Leg Council must follow, gave a prepared speech to defend his bills, including one that asked to stop the boycott for a printing company that would not publish Herstory. In Doyle’s budget, Herstory received nothing.

“In the end I had the last laugh and their funding is now nonexistent,” he said.

The 2002-03 Leg Council and the four executive officers, President Chrystine Lawson, External Vice President for Local Affairs Deanna Kavanaugh-Jones, External Vice President for Statewide Affairs Isabel Millan and Internal Vice-President Sunbo Bamigboye, were sworn in before the “new business” portion of the meeting.

Former EVPLA Ana Rizo presented Kavanaugh-Jones with a beach bucket to represent the outdoor projects Kavanaugh-Jones would work on, but not to represent A.S. bailing itself out of a sinking ship of debt.

After 15 minutes of debate the new council proposed to delay new business to a time when Chancellor Henry Yang could attend the meeting.