Editor, Daily Nexus,

Chancellor Yang, where are you? I have not seen you except for a few token appearances when I was a prospective student. I know it is not in your job description to mingle with the student body, but please, I implore you to come down from your ivory towers and talk to the people who you are making choices for. We are supposed to be one entity, with you as the decision-making head and the students as the body, but it seems that we have drifted apart, or maybe it has always been this way. Before you go ahead and make decrees to end the “problems” that plague our beautiful school, why not ask some students what they think the “problem” is and how they would go about fixing it. I am sure that no one has a perfect answer, but that also means that you probably do not either. The students at UCSB provide you with a vast range of views, and I believe that just as it benefits us to converse with our professors, it would benefit you to speak with us and use us as a valuable and knowledgeable resource.