Samuel Strelitz, a former UCSB student, was convicted on May 16 of interfering with, delaying and obstructing a peace officer and for trespassing on the UCSB campus, according to campus police.

University of California Police Dept. Captain Bill Bean said Strelitz, a 19-year-old male, was sentenced to 63 days in jail, which he has served, and three years probation. The probation stipulates that Strelitz must stay away from the UCSB campus and from school officials.

Strelitz was dismissed from UCSB on March 26 and barred from all university property for acts that “disrupted the orderly operation of the campus,” UCPD Captain Bill Bean said at the time of his arrest, April 4.

At the time, police arrested the suspect for unlawfully entering the campus, and also held him on charges of resisting arrest and making criminal threats to police officers.

Bean said the arresting officers found the receipt for a shotgun, which police believed Strelitz might use against the Isla Vista Foot Patrol or UCPD. He also had a collection of smaller weapons at his residence, which his roommates reported to police following his arrest.

Bean said anyone who sees Strelitz on campus should call 911 and notify the police of his whereabouts.