I’m playin’ this shit at my wedding. In fact, if the beats were human I would probably marry them. And let’s say I did tie the knot – the rhymes would be my best man.

Chicago-based Tree and See-me-on are acutely aware of their surroundings, something rare for college grads. I’ll Meet You in Greenwich invites time and space to a secret location, turns the lights down and provides the prophylactics. By the end of the ridiculously rare journey – where every single track is (more than) listenable – your mind will be tilled, your barren brain turned fertile.

These cats have been around for years now, but don’t fret if you haven’t heard of them. Promihjay 8 Inc. has released the duo’s first album after successful singles “Mental Void” and “Ring Around the Lyrical” were released in the late ’90s off the Guidance recording label. These singles earned the group almost unanimous underground praise, but “On tha Spot” and “Primates” are just as fulfilling. These guys even touch upon the international tip featuring French MCs in “Wall Street.”

A third of the 21 tracks are catchy interludes containing amusing phone conversations and freestyles. Yet the remaining full-length cuts are consistently self-assured and confident, containing lyrics that are thoughtful and clever, with music that is always exploring and beautiful. This album feels strangely nostalgic, reminding you of a time when life was simple, when hip hop was pure.

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