Fear not, video game junkies. Isla Vista’s new video store will open soon.

Isla Vista Primetime Video is scheduled to open in two weeks, just as soon as construction and renovation are completed. The store is located on the corner of Trigo Road and Embarcadero Del Mar in the former location of Rexall Drugs, which closed about three years ago

UCSB computer science graduate Chris Lee, who co-owns Primetime Video, said he was inspired to open his own business after his five years working at Intel Corporation seemed “boring.”

Lee said that after negotiating a reasonable rent price with the former owner of the building, he had no problem renting the building or establishing business.

Lee met his partner, Steve Lee, who previously owned a grocery store in Solvang, about one year ago, and they have been preparing to open the video store ever since.

Chris Lee said Primetime Video is going to be comparable to Blockbuster, and he does not expect any problems getting business.

“We wanted to open a big store, kind of like Blockbuster, with lots of games as well as DVDs and videos,” he said. “It seems a lot of businesses do well in this area, so hopefully this one does, too.”

Chris Lee said he is not concerned about local competition.

“I know a lot of people go to Blockbuster in Goleta, but that is kind of far from Isla Vista,” Lee said. “There’s Emerald Video, but they don’t have any games. We’re going to have lots of games and lots of movies. We should do fine.”

Chris Lee said he has plans to add a coffee shop and study lounge to the store in the future.

“We want to have a nice lounge where people can study, just like in other coffee shops,” he said. “We’ll need a lot of customers to keep it running.”