Editor, Daily Nexus,

I could not agree more with Jennifer Rudy’s assessment of the A.S. elections (The Reader’s Voice, “UCSB Students Dropped the Prestigious Ball During Elections,” May 2, 2002, Daily Nexus). I felt it really got to the heart of why students attend UCSB (or any university for that matter).

Let us not delude ourselves with silly notions of actually learning anything in college. And while the practice of attaining degrees in order to further one’s career and earn money may be nice, everyone knows that is not why we are here. No, the only outstanding reason for university attendance is that of living vicariously through university athletes.

Rudy’s article really hit home for me, because I failed to vote in elections. I can honestly say I fear for my future. It seams clear that because of athletic decline, UCSB is going to be virtually erased from the psyche of this nation. Rudy reminds us that a bunch of troglodytes in the greater Colorado area do not care how many Nobel Prizes UCSB professors win. Too true, Rudy, bravo.

Why would anyone hire someone coming from a school of deadbeats unwilling to over-fund a lackluster sports program? How will I go through life constantly reliving my glory years when I squandered them by not paying for others to win trophies for me? Thank you Jennifer Rudy for reminding me I am a fool.