Editor, Daily Nexus,

Did I read correctly in April 29th’s Nexus that UCSB has found a new way to swindle money out of the student body? Please tell me it is not true that “Parking Services will charge $2 per night/weekend for undergraduates” (“Grad Student Pass Five New Fees, New Constitution for GSA”). Where the hell was I when this initiative passed?

Let me explain why this is the worst idea concocted by the university. First, by charging students to park on campus in the evenings, this will force students to either walk or bike late at night. We all know the safe reputation Isla Vista has for people traveling at night, but I guess we could call the trusty CSO for an escort. More people calling CSO for escorts means the need to hire more CSO, which means the university pays more in salary than before – no profit there. Parking Services will need to hire more attendants and parking ticket fairies to enforce this fee – no profit there either.

Now think of all the evening and weekend events hosted by UCSB. Sporting events, dance, music and drama performances all have a hard enough time getting an audience as it is. So lets slap on an extra $2 to the already outrageous ticket prices for UCSB events. That will surely please the crowds. And another thing, this new fee will only affect a small population of students. Mainly science majors, library patrons and visual and performing arts students. As a dramatic arts major, I cannot afford to pay $2 every night just to drive to rehearsal in relative safety, and I will not be lugging my cumbersome props and costumes from home on my bike every night. This is a ridiculous and outrageous fee, and I will be starting a petition to fight this. If you would like to avoid being financially raped by our university, join me in fighting this fee.