Editor, Daily Nexus,

I take complete issue with the advice that Miss Kent gives on how to “Give Your Ex the Axe,” (“Wednesday Hump,” April 17, Daily Nexus). Telling people to go through their ex’s personal effects, reading personal letters, throwing laxatives in their carton of milk, or leaving raw fish lying about the house is not only childish, but proves conclusively the reason why the person dumped you in the first place. Why would anyone take the time to go through the trouble over a person who found reason enough not to be with you anymore? It’s the most ridiculous piece of nonsense that I’ve ever heard of.

The best way to get over someone who dumped you is to show that it doesn’t bother you – no matter how much it does. Hell, I say go even further – be their friend. You don’t even have to be close friends, but certainly making enemies where you don’t need to is counterproductive. Going about weeping like a bathtub overflowing prevents you from doing what you need to do: Learn from the experiences that you shared, embrace them and move on. You win twice: Once by being the better person and two, by keeping a friend who would otherwise be an enemy.

The history that two people have shared need not be something to be embarrassed of and ignored, but rather something celebrated and honored.