Editor, Daily Nexus,

I have a personal gripe to voice. I am getting a little tired of people teasing me for being a vegetarian. Don’t get me wrong – I can take insults just as well as I give them out. However, it gets old after a while. When you say, “You know you want some,” referring to a piece of beef, what are you trying to accomplish? First of all, no, I don’t want some! If I did, I could do so perfectly well on my own. Second of all, how am I threatening you by being a vegetarian? I am not going around telling people how their lifestyle is wrong and mine is right. That would not be fair. I’m simply choosing to live my life the way I please. I respect your meat-eating habits that I do not necessarily approve of. You can do me a favor by doing the same. Stop trying to make me conform to society’s ideals of what is “normal.” The same goes for homosexuals. They’re not threatening you with their lifestyle. Let people live their lives the way they wish.