Wow, still no mention of the women’s basketball team pulling off a huge upset in the NCAA tournament and already an article predicting that the men’s team will be going to the Sweet Sixteen next year. I’ve been to the NCAA Women’s Tournament the last four years supporting the team. I also went to the men’s game this year. While the men did play well, why did their loss warrant an article about how great they were, while the women’s victory barely even got a mention in the April Fool’s issue? I have no problem with there being articles about the men’s team, but cover both teams. The women’s team has been in the tournament year after year with no student support. You’d think the school newspaper could at least give them some recognition.

You would think. You must be a Loco, claiming to be a fan of all Gaucho sports, when, really, a Loco is a fan of the MEN’S basketball team – when they’re winning. Write an article about the lack of fan support for the men’s AND women’s teams at the Big West Tournament. The Utah State fans were mentioned in an Anaheim newspaper for saying “If the Gaucho fans don’t care about their game, why should we?” They brought several hundred fans from UTAH. Why were there only 25 or so fans that live 2 hours away? Then write an article about how 10 Locos showed up to the men’s NCAA, and how ONE Loco hitched a ride with the band who all but forced the Athletic Dept. to send them to Texas so they could support the women’s team. Add that the Locos only cheer when the Gauchos are in the lead – not when they’re losing, when they need it most. Try to cover all the teams at UCSB. Did you also write the Loco’s website that brags that ESPN came back to the ‘Dome because of them (let’s not mention that the women were hosting a first-round NCAA game)? Go ask the Locos why they felt it was important to show up at that game when they didn’t go to any of the other games that season (number one reason: TV cameras).