Editor, Daily Nexus,

What’s with the lame drawing on the Take Back the Night column? (“Sexual Assault Is the Worst Kind of Domestic Terrorism,” Daily Nexus, April 15).

The pathetic caricature of a woman of color sitting on the ground barefoot in an undignified state with tears welling up in her baby kitten eyes and her dress strap hanging off of one shoulder hardly represents the women who participate in Take Back the Night.

Why didn’t the artist use his talent to draw an empowering figure to go with Tara Goddard’s article on sexual assault in Monday’s paper, one where the woman was standing up and had a mic in her hand? Does the artist have issues? Does he think sexual assault is funny?

It seems clear that it’s people like him that women need to insulate themselves against. Furthermore, the silly shit that Nexus lets go to print (this isn’t the first time) reflects a serious lack of support for women speaking out against a serious offense. Now what are you going to do about that? By the way, you should have spell-checked “instant messanger.”