Editor, Daily Nexus,

I am responding to a flier I saw on campus promoting the stage production “I Love Adolf Hitler,” put on by the Sherwood Players. I don’t have any problem with freedom of speech and I am well aware that the title for the production is not supposed to be taken literally. And I am also aware that the production is taking place on April 20, which is also Hitler’s birthday. I just think it is lame for the Sherwood Players to use such weak verbal irony in order to catch attentions and thus sell some extra tickets. I don’t think it is right to be bombarded on campus with signs that make light of someone who might be too “politically sensitive” to handle a flier that reads “I Love Adolf Hitler,” especially in a time when Mein Kampf is a now a best seller in many of the Arab countries. If the Sherwood Players want to recontextualize history for advertising purposes, that’s fine, because everybody does, but I’m not sure if it is right to have to bear witness to their weak attempts at it on campus.