So I had an idea. It wasn’t an original idea, but it was about something that this campus needs and does not officially have: professor evaluations that students can look at when deciding what classes to take. Most of us have, at some point, taken advice from a friend who says, “That class is really interesting, you should definitely take it,” or the contrary, “That professor will put you to sleep.” Without those friends speaking up, we would never know such useful information when selecting our classes.

Once a database of evaluations exists that future students can look at and take advice from, it will be easier to pick a schedule that you can enjoy. Consequently, the professors who aren’t top-notch can look at the comments about their peers and take advice on what works well and what doesn’t. The end result will be a higher quality education and better classes.

My favorite class was actually the first one I took here at UCSB, Psychology 1 with Alan Fridlund. I am curious what other people think about Dr. Fridlund and who other people consider to be the best and worst teachers. It would take a long time and a lot of ink for all 17,000 of us to print our favorites in this paper, so instead I will create an Internet site that everybody can use to read and post evaluations.

The one problem is that I am not a computer whiz. I need one or two students who have the ability to create a database and website for this. Anybody who is interested in creating a program that can live on as long as this university, please contact me at 893-2566 or stop by the A.S. Main Office (inside the building where A.S. Notes are sold).

I want the site to start off strong, so I am going to ask students to fill out evaluations on paper before the website starts functioning and will put those into the database as soon as I can. To encourage you to take the time to fill out the forms, I am making an offer that very few leaders will make. On Wednesday, from 11-2, I will be setting up a dunk tank in Storke Plaza and allowing anybody, at no charge other than filling out an evaluation, to dunk recognizable figures on campus. A few professors, some basketball players, a vice chancellor, maybe some Nexus writers if we’re lucky, the candidates for the upcoming elections who just littered our campus with signs, and of course … myself.

Stir Fry, otherwise known as the greatest ska band ever, will be playing at noon, and various other activities will be offered to keep you overly entertained. So help out your fellow students with the evaluations and come have some fun with water Wednesday from 11-2 in Storke Plaza.

Brian Hampton is the Associated Students president.