Vacant homes during the Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring Breaks in past years have been targets for burglars, but this Spring the Isla Vista Foot Patrol reported a comparatively lower number of break-ins.

During the one-week vacation between March 21 and March 30, the Foot Patrol received reports of a total of five burglaries – one to a residence, one to a business and three to automobiles.

The residential burglary, which occurred at a Francisco Torres suite, showed no signs of forced entry, according to IVFP reports. The two victims, both UCSB students, lost laptops and other electronic equipment.

A break-in at Gimme Some Records on the 6500 block of Trigo Road occurred on Saturday, March 30, but nothing was reported stolen. An unknown suspect pried open the front door of the business and tore a window screen.

Last week, the Foot Patrol reported three auto burglaries which, according to IVFP reports, is a normal number of break-ins for any given week.

In all three auto break-ins one window was shattered and car stereo equipment was stolen.

IVFP Lt. Russ Birchim said historically the number of thefts over Spring Break is typically lower than other breaks during the school year. Last year, the IVFP reported six residential burglaries during Winter Break and four over Thanksgiving Break. The Foot Patrol also reported four break-ins over Winter Break.

“There really wasn’t much activity out here during the break,” he said. “It’s nice to have the kids coming back though.”

Birchim said the Foot Patrol would be busy this coming weekend because students tend to party early in the quarter.

“I’m sure there is going to be some partying this weekend because it’s the first weekend of Spring Quarter. That’s usual,” he said.