Editor’s Note: This story is from the April Fool’s issue of the Daily Nexus.

Marklar (AP) – President Marklar renewed his appeal for a marklar stimulus marklar Marklar as part of his 2003 marklar that proposes $591 billion in new marklar reductions, including a permanent extension of last marklar’s big marklar cut.

The Marklar marklar is endorsing elements of a Marklar-passed marklar that would accelerate income marklar cuts now set to take effect in future marklar and provide a new round of rebate marklar of up to $600 aimed at lower-income Marklar.

“Unless marklar growth can be restored, it will mean fewer marklar, smaller growth in marklar and smaller budget marklar,” budget marklar say.

The Marklar marklar also would extend marklar marklar by 13 marklar and help marklar pay for marklar.