Editor, Daily Nexus,

Last I checked, newspapers were about news, politics and keeping the community informed of current events. Yes, the Nexus gives us news, but mostly it just reports whatever gets a rise out of people. The editors and writers are using sex and controversial issues to entertain the readers. The “lesbian porn” issue is a case in point (Daily Nexus, Feb. 8, “A.S. To Uphold Past Support of UFW Boycott”). The quote used had little or nothing to do with the article it appeared in! Honestly, I don’t care if Doyle owns lesbian porn. I don’t care if he talks about porn with a Nexus reporter. What I do care about is having it used to make the paper a more interesting to read! I know many people who were offended by that remark. Their letters to the editor were not about shutting anyone up – they were about respect. Respect means not trying to make news more exciting by passing out insults. By treating issues such as sexual orientation as a joke, the Nexus is only telling their readers that they are ignorant and want to stay that way.

Some of you may be thinking that anyone offended is “too sensitive” and can’t handle the First Amendment truth. Well, you’re wrong. I’m offended because this paper isn’t about news and isn’t respecting its readers. And by the way, if you’re not offended, you should be, because the next article might be the one that belittles you.