The Meanest Man Contest is at the top of the bottom. Yet this bottom isn’t like sewers, or Hell, or someone’s ass. This is the extreme underground, the artistic cream of the crop.

Eriksolo, founder of Weapon-Shaped Records and a UCSB & KCSB alum, takes care of the “words and rhythmic talking,” displaying more pontification than the average MC. The two cuts on this 7″ are also simplistically yet brilliantly produced by Quarterbar, as each track splits midway through to form unique, complementary counterparts.

Despite its insanely dope title, “Contaminated Dance Step” is the colder, more aggressive A-side, and doesn’t pan out to its flip side, “Feelin’ Pretty Psyched (About Love).”

This somber, yet utterly beautiful beat is met with Eriksolo’s nonchalant but confident delivery of asymmetrical arrangements. It begins, cautiously yet intriguingly, “Fashionably absent / rearrange for the strange things to happen / go ahead and tell the management you think we’re amateur and unprofessional and read a section of my favorite curse word book right here it’s called, ‘we don’t care.'”

The second piece of the song fucks with your head, as the pair of horn crescendos makes you feel like you’re falling from the sky. You hit the ground running and are met with an intense bass line. Erik chews you out again, this time faster. You literally feel your blood pressure boil, but in a good way, as is the effect of sex or chocolate. Obviously this commentary on love alerts the senses. Finally, underground hip hop has regained a pulse.