On March 5, everyone in Santa Barbara County will have the opportunity to vote for a new sheriff. This is a unique election because the current sheriff is retiring, thus leaving space for a contested race. Currently, there are four candidates in the race, but the best candidate by far is Commander Jim Anderson.

With 26 years of experience in the Sheriff’s Department, Jim has put his time in. He has worked at every station throughout the county and has risen in rank from deputy to commander. Along with his extensive experience, Mr. Anderson has the education that is necessary to be our sheriff. He has a master’s degree in criminal justice, is a graduate of the FBI National Academy, and is the only candidate that is a certified jail manager.

Jim’s experience has earned him the support of the rank-and-file officers throughout Santa Barbara County. He received the endorsement of the Deputy Sheriff’s Association, the Santa Barbara and Santa Maria Police Officers’ Association, and the Deputy District Attorney’s Association. These endorsements prove that the deputies and all in law enforcement personally respect him and his leadership.

On Election Day, make sure you cast your ballot for the candidate who has the experience, education and respect to be our next sheriff: Jim Anderson.