First, let me express my utter and total displeasure with the letters written in the Daily Nexus on Wednesday, Feb. 20, “demanding” that Mr. Martin Doyle apologize for his remarks made a couple of weeks ago (Reader’s Voice, “Please Learn Respect for Queer Community Issues” and “Doyle Should Apologize for His Ignorant Remarks”). While the authors were correct in their statement that the First Amendment protects an individual’s right to free speech, they were completely wrong in their assumptions that the same right does not extend to protecting one’s ability to express condescending remarks. Of course it does! That, my friends, is what separates this country from all others – the ability to express not simply your feelings, but any negative feelings you might have, so as to prevent future outbursts of violence due to suppressed emotions. In fact, the First Amendment generally only limits speech that causes a “clear and present danger” (Schenck v. United States), and, contrary to what Women’s Commission believes, Mr. Doyle’s remarks did not cause such a danger.

In fact, the only clear and present danger that I see is coming from the radical left wing, as it attempts to suppress someone’s right to express how he or she feels. It seems ironic that Mr. Doyle is being attacked for his “condescending” remarks made at a meeting when half of the council was verbally attacked for their beliefs on grape boycotts and Herstory. Does anyone happen to remember some members being charged with a lack of “human decency” and in favor of “baby killing,” while at the same time being harassed for being “homophobic?” Those are all condescending remarks, but fortunately, they are all protected under the Constitution.

While at the time of the remarks made by Mr. Doyle I may not have been totally in favor of them, I have now been pushed to his side, and vow to stand behind him and anything that may have come out of his mouth. Mr. Doyle, I plead with you not to apologize for invoking your freedom to say what you want, when you want and to whom you want.

And in other news, I too am against the base fee for all the reasons expressed already.

Joshua L. Baker is an A.S. off-campus representative.