Editor, Daily Nexus,

I am writing to express my disappointment with Bob Costas and Katie Couric. They acted like amateurs during the opening ceremony of the Olympics. They talked too often and unnecessarily. There were many times when I felt as if they were only talking because they could. It seemed as if they were too excited to be hosting the opening ceremony. Bob Costas’ “fishing for a compliment” was ridiculous. And I feel that they were completely disrespectful during much of the program.

When the World Trade Center flag came out, there was no need for any talking. The whole stadium was quiet for a reason. Bob Costas did not need to let us know what the temperature was at that moment. I cannot begin to explain how upset I am with his decision to commentate at that time.

For Costas to make degrading comments about other countries as they came out during the parade was also disappointing and disrespectful. Referring to Argentina’s economic problems, instead of highlighting their athletes who worked so hard to get there is ridiculously rude. And when he referred to the “Axis of Evil” as Iranian athletes walked out, it was appalling. As an American, I am embarrassed that he chose to go against the Olympic spirit and use that opportunity to point out other countries’ flaws.

I also feel that they ruined much of the performances that night. Instead of allowing us the full experience of the show, they talked over much of the music. I put the television on mute because I got so tired of hearing them (mostly Costas) talk, but then I could not hear the music, so I decided to endure their rambling.

Katie Couric was not as bad, but she helped prolong it. And she could have said something to Costas during a break. Their inconsideration and amateur performance disappoints me. I hope NBC reconsiders using them in the future.