Hey dude, did you know there was this like a whole scene in Seattle where they fused – check this out, this is dope -they fused metal with punk?! It’s true, brah. And I heard this was this band called Karp, right, and they were totally up in it with like Nirvana and those dudes.

Well, this’ll harsh your mellow, it turns out they broke up in, like, ’98 or something, and this album is just a bunch of b-sides and compilation tracks and shit. But their style, you’ve got to hear it, they were crazy, brah! Like these big fat Sabbath riffs followed up with just some major intense noise and bits of old school hardcore – y’know, Black Flag and that shit – and the singer had this whacked out moaning scream or whatever. Okay, some of the songs sound all crappy ‘cuz they weren’t recorded in a real studio, but dude, you’ve got to get beyond that.

I can’t understand nothing the singer dude says, but that’s cool, I mean, it’s all about how he screams it, right? And yeah, they can totally bust some Nirvana-like shit – Nirvana when they were being all weird – but it’s way meaner, and they’ll use, like, fire alarms and weird synths and other stuff. The dude at the counter who sold me the record told me some of them are doing this new thing called Tight Bros. and dude, if it’s got the word “Tight” in it, it’s gotta be dope.