Somewhere in between babysitting gigs and pseudo-trysts with Kool Keith’s ass, Concetta Kirschner found time to record her fourth album, Princess Superstar Is…

Princess Superstar’s tracks are hot; she knows how nice it is to get laid while getting paid. And after working with MC Paul Barman, Prince Paul and Jon Spencer in the past, she is respected enough to have guest appearances from Bahamadia, High and Mighty, Beth Orton, J-Zone and even Kool Keith on her latest offering.

Princess Superstar is undeniably raunchy – after all, the first single off this album is titled “Wet! Wet! Wet!” – but her most noticeable trait is her voice. Kirschner’s flow is remarkably versatile, shifting from slyly seductive to surprisingly harsh, while retaining an innate coyness throughout. Though she makes some passing attempts at writing politically conscientious lyrics, Princess Superstar is at her best when she’s on the prowl. In spite of boasts like, “I’m a bad babysitter / got my boyfriend in your shower / Woo! I’m makin’ six bucks an hour,” she manages to avoid sounding trashy like Foxy Brown or Lil’ Kim and is, instead, ridiculously fun.

The production of Princess Superstar Is… features work by Herbaliser and Kirschner, among others. The up-tempo beats and samples complement her style and flow, making this a rare underground party album. With each track being engineered by a different producer, the compilation lacks continuity, but is full of wonderful sounds. This is an album that actually makes shuffling between classes exciting, especially if you are rhyming along with it.