Editor, Daily Nexus,

Coming out of the Bookstore on Monday, I was flagged down to sign petitions. Clean water? OK. Recall Supervisor Marshall? Yeah right, because she is doing her job and that upsets some people? Our money could be spent better investing in Enron – no thanks. The grievances listed are bogus -I’ve followed the issues, including the sensationalized “flag flap” in which she called for proper procedure, as well as the Goleta cityhood issue. UCSB remains apart from Santa Barbara and Goleta mainly because strong arguments have been made for both of these alternatives as well as the status quo.

The next day the Nexus responsibly ran an article (Daily Nexus, Jan. 15, “Petitioners Attempt to Put Initiatives on Ballot”). Thanks. The paid petitioner said that the idea is not to get rid of her, but to simply put the issue on the ballot. No harm, right? Wrong. There is another point. Not only will it cost boku bucks (estimated at 250,000 taxpayer dollars), but Supervisor Marshall and her staff will have to spend all summer and fall trying to save her job, instead of doing her job. This would be a wet dream come true for her radical critics. If you did not previously feel that she has been failing as a county supervisor, I hope you will get the facts from at least a couple sources before signing. Recalls are serious business and we should use them wisely.