Although some students have come out to enjoy the new Pelican Park, many Isla Vista residents have yet to tap into the 25 parks and open preserves that the Isla Vista Recreation and Parks District has to offer.

The Downtown Parks, as they are called by IVRPD, include Anisq’Oyo’, set in the heart of downtown I.V.; Little Acorn Park, at the end of the Embarcadero Loop, Pardall Gardens, in the middle of the 6500 block of Pardall Road; and Greek Park, located on the corner of Embarcadero del Norte and Sevogia Road.

IVRPD board secretary Enid Osborn said locals are familiar with the centrally located Anisq’Oyo’ Park, but many of the other parks remain to be discovered.

“We’re actually hoping I.V. residents learn a little bit more about all the parks have to offer. Because we’re making them available to rent out for specific events, we’re excited for locals to discover more,” he said.

Drinking is allowed at 16 of the I.V. parks – including two of the newest parks, Tierra del Fortuna and Pelican Park. The other “wet” parks include Greek Park, Trigo-Pasado Park, Window to the Sea, RDA Blufftop, Pescadero Bluff, Rotappel, County Annex, Sueno Orchard, Estero Orchard, Del Sol, North Estero, Tipi Village and Camino Corto Park.

“We come to [Pelican Park] because it is the absolute best sunset anywhere,” senior film studies major Daniel Diaz said. “It’s right between the two points that span DP.”

Many students also may be unaware of the fruits growing in Sueno Orchard, which include apples, peaches, pears, oranges, figs, avocados, lemons, limes, nectarines and plums.

“It’s a historic place in I.V. Originally it was designed as a demonstration orchard, with a huge variety of trees. Many people have no idea you can just go over there and pick the fruit right off the trees,” said Osborn.

One of the more popular attractions maintained by the Park District is the Frisbee Golf Course that begins in Sueno Orchard, located in the 6700 block of Sueno Road.

“This is definitely the best thing in I.V.,” I.V. resident Mike Cossota said. “It’s really the only recreational thing offered here. And you can drink if you’re 21.”