There is no doubt that the powerhouse funk of local band Blue Room continues to reach higher levels of almighty musical tightness. As the first opening band for the Dirty Knobs at the Majestic Ventura Theater on Jan. 12, Blue Room immediately set the mood for high-energy rock and roll. The climactic sounds, which accompany their usual explosive two-hour jams in Santa Barbara and Isla Vista shows, were successfully captured in last Saturday’s short 30-minute set.

Launching off with one of their older songs and introducing two recently written songs, they continue to prove their ability to master funk. Blue Room, now dabbling in bluegrass-like, slower, and even melancholy melodies, achieved an even more dynamic sound. The Majestic, being one of the biggest venues they’ve played, brought an intense vibe to the band’s presence. The vast Victorian-style theater, with its impressive acoustics, was a far cry from the backyard gigs the band is used to playing.

The musicians of Blue Room fit together perfectly. The mastery of Ed Burke on lead guitar, the smooth sounds of Steve Templeton on rhythm and the precision of Matt “Skip” Grover on drums blend seamlessly with the flying fingers of Mike Bucher on bass and keyboardist Teddy Travors. Add to the mix an incredible outpouring of emotion from Jeff Feliton on vocals and the result is a winner. Their obvious love for playing live music and their dedication to the local music scene appears unwavering as they continue to refine their musical abilities. Now following the Dirty Knobs at a score of other shows, the band is fulfilling the legacy of their passion to play live music.

Following Blue Room was the highly energetic alternative rock of Epic Hero. Besides a tight, yet somewhat overly polished performance, it was apparent the band was very attuned to each other. This strong connection along with crisp vocals and some rippin’ guitar solos resulted in a sound that was, if nothing else, really fun to hop along to. Contrasting to this performance of youthful vigor, Claudehopper – comprised of older members in their mid-40s – followed with a passion for grungy, classic rock.

The Dirty Knobs were the highly anticipated grand finale of the night. Comprised of legendary Heartbreakers guitarist Mike “Gator” Campbell and drummer Steve “Tiger” Ferrone, the lineup also included Ron “Snake” Blair on bass and vocals. Blair has also worked with the Heartbreakers. Jason “Ape” Sinay on guitar filled out the roster.

These beasts of perfected musical ability were stunning. Performing famous hits such as “Hey Joe” and “Rock ‘N’ Roll Records,” their display of relaxed mastery compelled the audience. The energy during the set peaked as Campbell’s fingers worked wildly, yet glided effortlessly, during his solos. Combined with the precision of Blair, the delicacy of Ferrone, and the graceful “apelike” maneuvers of Sinay, the show resonated with pure musical fervor.

Aside from privileging their audience with a near transcendental experience, the Dirty Knobs have vowed to make this enlightening journey with no intentions of profit. This serves to bring out a very lighthearted aspect to their performance as they focus on their genuine love for music. Integrating talent and humor, these outstanding musicians play with an amazingly positive vibe. Consummate professionals having a little fun, these down-to-earth guys proved it is all right to monkey around every once in awhile, especially in the name of rock ‘n’ roll.

Don’t miss Blue Room at the Coach House on Sunday, Jan. 20 at 8 p.m.