Editor, Daily Nexus:

My letter is in regards to an article you wrote Tuesday, Jan. 8th, concerning the death of Leo Lydon.

Leo was not your average college freshman. For one, he came from the foreign city of Riverside, which many refer to as “no man’s land.” Secondly, he seemed normal, considering where he came from. As the year progressed, however, we would find out that normal reached a whole new level with Leo.

I met Leo during Welcome Week this last fall, as my best friend lives two doors away from him. Leo was nice, a bit too skinny, but a sweetie pie. He really helped me adjust to this new world called college. The months that followed our initial introduction were full of nothing but laughs and smiles.

Leo was the type of person that could turn a frown into a smile without much effort. He just had this way of lighting up any room he was in. His smile was so innocent and carefree, much like his spirit.

I guess this is why it is so hard to accept his death, for it was much too sudden and out of nowhere. Those who knew him would advocate with me that Leo should be remembered for the funny, carefree guy that he was as opposed to the “male student [who died] in San Nicolas Hall” (Daily Nexus, Jan. 8).

Leo wasn’t just any old male student at UCSB. He was a brother, a son and here in Santa Barbara, a true friend with a heart of gold. May he rest in peace. May his family find comfort in knowing that wherever Leo may be, he is drawing a smile upon someone’s face. May his friends remember that his memory will forever remain in our hearts.

Thank you Leo for the memories, the laughter, and the joy. I will miss you.