Editor, Daily Nexus,

UCSB is well represented in the 2002 Olympic Torch Relay by two inspirational individuals who both happen to be from the Department of Dramatic Arts. Dr. Catherine Cole, who will be representing Goleta, brings the world of contemporary African theatre to life in her cutting edge instruction. Her bearing of the torch will recognize her artistic accomplishments despite losing a limb. Also representing the department is one of Santa Barbara County’s native sons, Geren Piltz, who will relay the Olympic flame through Carpinteria. Geren was nominated for his countless hours of community service, and specifically for his work with the Dream Foundation and Direct Relief International.

In ancient Greece, the Olympic torch was carried throughout the land to announce a truce of warfare by calling athletes and artists to Olympia to showcase their talents. The Athenian spirit lives on as the Olympic flame makes its journey around the country to commence the 2002 Winter Olympics. For the last two months, judging panels across America have received thousands of recommendations submitted by people looking to honor those who are truly inspirational. The Torch Relay began on Dec. 4, 2001 in Atlanta, Georgia, and will end Feb. 8 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Covering more than 13,500 miles, 11,500 torchbearers will pass the Olympic flame on its journey throughout the country.

Catherine and Geren would love your support on Jan. 16 in their respective territories. Our own remarkable torchbearers have the opportunity to be an integral part of a journey that celebrates the Olympic spirit within each of us.