The Board of Supervisors unanimously elected 3rd District Supervisor Gail Marshall on Tuesday to chair the board for 2002.

As chair, Marshall will run the board’s weekly meetings, represent the county on several statewide committees, including the California State Association of Counties, and act as chair of the county’s Flood Control District and Redevelopment Agency.

“I look forward to bringing a fair and balanced approach to the board hearings and another full year of vigorous discussions and debate that honor our democratic traditions,” Marshall said. “I believe this board has consistently tackled the tough challenges before us with energy, careful thought and attention to the sometimes very diverse views of our 400,000 county residents.”

Marshall said the unanimous vote reflected an important solidarity within the elected body.

“At times our critics regard the board’s sometimes vigorous debate as inappropriate, while others have sought to criticize or censure us individually or collectively for our divergent views. This new year presents us with the opportunity to work together and focus our energy to do good work for the citizens of our county,” she said.

Marshall began her responsibilities at yesterday’s meeting, following the vote.