Editor, Daily Nexus,

With all the problems facing the world, I think my current complaint can seem almost petty … but it’s an easy problem to fix, so we might as well out with it.

We’ve all seen what a bitch it is to park in I.V. I know it’s horribly difficult for the car-dependent to drive up and down the street looking for a legal parking space, and then spend five or even TEN minutes walking back to their friend’s apartment. I sympathize. Life’s tough. So I can understand why people park illegally in private parking lots and I really don’t mind.

But I would like to state the obvious. NEVER block someone in. I had to take my roommate to the emergency room not too long ago and I was terrified by the thought that I might not be able to get my car out. It’s better that you take someone else’s space than block people in.

And no matter what you choose to do, one simple action can keep you from getting towed. Leave a note on your car. Only a complete asshole will tow you if your car says, “I am in Apartment #8.” It can easily cost you over $100 to retrieve your car from the towing company. For the sake of your bank account, leave a note on your car.

And never block me in.