Editor, Daily Nexus,

I sat down Wednesday morning and read a letter in the Nexus entitled “Support Israel; ‘The Muslims Are Out to Destroy Our World'”(Nov. 7) by Justin M. Ruhge. The letter’s headline immediately caught my attention simply because it was incorrect. Justin’s chosen title for his manifesto against the Arab and Muslim world is reminiscent of a tabloid newspaper in its blatant disregard of logic and what is just.

There is a difference between the identifications Arab and Muslim, yet Justin uses them interchangeably. The Arab world consists of Muslims and Christians as well as a variety of other religions. Muslim populations are dispersed throughout the world including the U.S., even Isla Vista and Goleta. Are these American Muslims and Arabs incapable of patriotism or should they not be considered Americans? Maybe one of your neighbors, Justin, is either Arab or Muslim or even both; I know it is surprising and maybe scary for you. Even in Israel, whom you tout as the protector of the Western world, there are nearly a million Muslims.

Justin’s hypocrisy is so flagrant that I am surprised the Nexus could even print an article so logically flawed it was bordering on gibberish. Justin stated, “They (Muslims or Arabs, who knows with this guy?) will not accept our way of life, our religious tolerance, our constitution that guarantees the separation of church and state …” Somehow in the same letter he states that the U.S. government should take action against Muslims because of the “1,000-year battle between East and West, and Christians and Muslims.” A state-backed religious war shows the greatest disregard for the constitution’s guarantee of the separation of church and state. Even the fact that he praises the U.S. tolerance of religion and then writes a letter that implies that there should be some kind of American-funded Muslim genocide is preposterous.

I am appalled that the Nexus would print something so blatantly racist with an argument so poorly constructed. I advocate free speech, but the Nexus should not be used as a forum for fanatics to spread their doctrines of racism and hate. Would the Nexus have printed the ramblings of a white supremacist? I sure as hell hope not.