Editor, Daily Nexus,

Wow. That was all that I could say when I read the article on Ann Coulter. Tell me again how she is an “American Hero”? Although she may say that this is not a war on Islam, by suggesting that the people of Afghanistan should be converted to Christianity, she shows that it is indeed.

I am not a “liberal terrorist sympathizer,” but I am a human being and I cannot help but sympathize with the “oppressed” citizens, and the last thing they need is more war. As for her citing Korea and Japan as examples, all I can say is that as a Korean-American I was deeply offended. If you look at one of my countries, it has a deep wound a mile wide called the Demilitarized Zone and the American troops are still there. Maybe Ms. Coulter has never seen a group of rioting Koreans screaming, “Yankee, go home!”

Another thing Ms. Coulter should consider is the differences between the slavery of blacks in America and the attacks on Sept. 11. They are two separate entities of history with different backgrounds and different outcomes. Ms. Coulter should check what year this is and realize that this war is not the next Crusade.