Editor, Daily Nexus,

I’ve seen more underwear in the last month than I ever thought possible. I’ve seen at least as many thongs in my first month here than half the I.V. boys saw last weekend. … Well, maybe not that many, but I have been subjected to quite a lot of bare-it-all butt views.

Before I explain, let’s get some things straight: Yes, I am a freshman. I love it here. I love to party and I do own a bike … which leads us to my little story.

So I’m minding my own business, riding my bike to school, which takes a little while since I live in FT (thanks to the wonderful change in weather I just recently discovered what a BITCH it is to ride your bike in the pouring rain).

Anyway, I’m riding my bike, late as usual, when I notice what I consider to be a pretty girl being followed very closely by two guys. This seemed normal at first, just a few boys late and in a hurry like me. But as I got closer, I realized that the two were no longer interested in making it to class because they were now occupied with the whole visual view in front of them. Half the girl’s butt, along with her red thong, was hanging out of her Gap low-rise jeans.

The first question I asked myself was how could she not notice? Perhaps the morning breeze couldn’t faze those white buns. My next question was answered for me very shortly after. When the girl stopped to turn onto a different bike path, the guys didn’t, and that was that. Two bikes, two boys, one railing and me in my heinous state, giggling profusely.

Since then I’ve personally witnessed many near-accidents, but not any as notable as what was previously mentioned. For entertainment purposes, low-rise jeans and bikes go very well together, but ladies, if you want to leave anything to the imagination, save those fashion wears for DP and let the guys make it to class in one piece.