Dear Editor:

I glanced at a copy of the Daily Nexus today while I was eating in Isla Vista. Call me a prude, but I was very surprised to find a large ad for the Riviera Adult Superstore in the paper. Even though the ad itself may be said to be in good taste, I don’t believe I would ever have seen an ad for an “adult store” in my college newspaper when I attended in the late 1970s.

The reason why I think such an ad should not be published is because doing so lends a certain legitimacy to what the store has to offer; something we used to call pornography. And, by legitimizing those types of films, you also say it must be okay to act in those types of films. So, you may even be encouraging your young people down the wrong path.

I would suppose it could be argued that students are adults and should be treated as such. But, I do believe it is the role of the university to guide our young people down the proper paths. And no, I do not believe pornography is the proper path.

I would suppose the store offers more than pornographic videotapes, but I believe the above arguments would apply to the entire store.

I implore upon you to cease publication of advertising for businesses that offer pornography.

Thank you for your consideration, I am

Yours Truly,