Editor, Daily Nexus,

If Assistant Director of Parking Bob Sundberg was quoted accurately in the Oct. 22 Daily Nexus (“New Engineering Facility Will Reduce Parking Availability, Promises More Classrooms”), I am deeply troubled. He says, “We are currently discussing what to do to improve parking on campus. We’re looking at providing stack parking … and in the long term, building new parking structures.”

If I understand Sundberg correctly, 150 to 200 parking spaces are to be eliminated in December, and the administration does not have plans to replace them. This is gross mismanagement on the part of the administration and shows a serious disregard to the quality of life on this campus.

The fee increase is only part of the problem. The administration appears to be obsessed with a vision that a bigger campus is better. Better for whom? The people who live and work here are rarely taken into account.

Engineering III should not be built until after the new parking places are provided. In the future, I suggest that two principles be followed rigorously:

1) No new buildings be started that will eliminate parking spaces until an equal number of additional parking places have been constructed.

2) The budget for any new building that eliminates any parking places include funding for the new parking places.

I urge the campus community to get behind a moratorium on the destruction of any more parking places.