Editor, Daily Nexus,

Two weeks ago, members of CalPIRG, along with many volunteers, took to the beaches of Isla Vista for a massive cleanup. In just one day, we managed to pick up 25 large garbage bags worth of trash all along the shores below DP, plus a TV, an old computer, two decomposing mattresses, several plastic chairs and tiki torches, three bikes and a vacuum cleaner.

As a beach-goer and surfer, I found it shocking to see the huge amounts of trash and debris strewn across the beach. If they weren’t picked up that day in time for high tide, the trash would have been carried out into the ocean, the ocean in which many of us spend endless amounts of time. It is sad to know that the only way the garbage could have gotten there was for it to have been carelessly thrown over from the houses above. Not only is this a lack of respect for the ocean and nature, and also for our very own environment, but it is against the law and hazardous for the public’s safety.

We should be more aware of our actions – partygoers, residents of DP and everyone. We are so blessed to attend a school where the Pacific Ocean is our playground and should do our best to keep it as clean as possible. If you want to get involved in keeping our oceans clean, there are many organizations around campus: CalPIRG, Environmental Affairs Board and Surfrider Foundation are among the many organizations that advocate the preservation of our ocean.