A fight resulting in a serious injury occurred at approximately 11:30 p.m. on Thursday, Oct.11 inside and in front of the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity house, located at 6519 Cervantes Road.

According to the Isla Vista Foot Patrol police report, officers found 19-year-old Ryan Smith sitting on the curb in front of the fraternity house holding a towel to his lower lip. An approximately two-inch-long laceration almost completely severed his lip from his chin.

After viewing the injury, the officers immediately requested medical backup. Smith told the officers he had been at the Lambda Chi Alpha party with friends when the incident occurred.

Smith said he could not identify who had struck him and was only concerned about his lip, the report stated.

Lambda Chi Alpha member Mike Albanese reported to police that Smith had been “acting belligerent, causing a disturbance, and was asked to leave several times but refused.”

Jared Sjoberg, another Lambda Chi Alpha member, stated in the police report that he was attempting to escort Smith from the residence when Smith punched him and then began running around the yard pushing people. Sjoberg said that when he contacted Smith again, Smith tried to hit him, but Sjoberg blocked the punch and hit Smith, knocking him to the ground.

Sjoberg stated that he “wanted nothing to do with the fight” and left the house until everything calmed down.

Lambda Chi Alpha House Director Caroline Lide-Oyler said she was at the fraternity house when the incident occurred.

“I heard these guys that wandered on our property uninvited saying, ‘I have no respect for you all; you’re nothing but a bunch of rich boys,’ and I heard my boys repeatedly ask them to leave. When they were asked to leave, they said they would when they were f-ing ready,” she said.

“The language got so bad my boys came and closed my door because they did not want me to hear it. When I opened the door, I saw my guys pinning the other guys down and beginning to remove them.”

According to Lide-Oyler, she warned Smith and his friends that she would call the police if they did not leave.

“If my guys were in the wrong, I would be the first to stand up and say so. Granted, we should have called the police, but I do not feel my boys were in the wrong. We were in our own place of residence and we were minding our own business,” she said. “If they had no respect for us, why would they come to our house?”

Lambda Chi Alpha President Peter Shepherd said the fraternity’s executive committee has dealt with the fraternity members who were involved in the incident.

“Our fraternity does not condone the use of violence in any way. Lambda Chi Alpha apologizes for any harm that may have occurred to Ryan Smith when members tried to remove him from our property,” he said. “As a member of the fraternity, and as a tenant, it is just for anyone to try to physically remove someone from their property after all non-physical and verbal attempts fail.”

Shepherd said the incident is not representative of the fraternity or of any part of the Greek system.

“Activity of this nature is not indicative of Isla Vista or the Greek system in general, and certainly not of Lambda Chi Alpha,” he said. “[We] remain firm in our stance that we were not the aggressors or ever would be in a similar situation.”

Shepherd and Sjoberg requested that the district attorney press criminal charges against Smith for trespassing and battery.

“If no charges are pressed by [Smith], we will drop all charges,” Shepherd said.

At press time, Smith could not be reached for comment.