Dear Editor, Daily Nexus,

I was dismayed by the opinion letter (“Pernicious Plover Ploy,” Henry Sarria, Oct. 10) you chose to print in the Daily Nexus, in which the writer’s primary goal appears to be to insult and threaten Coal Oil Point Reserve manager Cristina Sandoval. The writer, a “resident of Isla Vista,” is free to express his opinion that his right to beach access should supersede any protection of the natural resources of this UCSB reserve.

However, I question your decision to allow this person to use the campus newspaper to make threatening statements and personal attacks on a distinguished member of our community. In addition to handling the numerous and diverse tasks required for managing the reserve, Dr. Sandoval shares her knowledge of and appreciation for ecology and natural history by directing restoration of vernal pools and wetlands in the area and leading tours of the reserve for students of all ages and the public. She deserves our thanks and support for doing her job so well.