Between 400 and 450 old, rusty, recovered or possibly abandoned bikes looking for new homes are ready to be auctioned off this weekend.

The Community Service Organization (CSO) will conduct its semiannual bicycle auction Saturday in Lot 32, behind the UC police station. Viewing is scheduled to open at 9 a.m. and bidding will begin at 10.

Auctioned bikes will include those impounded for illegal parking, stolen recoveries and those that have been abandoned and unclaimed, CSO Coordinator Tara Perez said. In the case of the stolen recoveries, CSO notifies the rightful owner before the bike is put on the block. Bicycle registration, she says, is very important because it establishes ownership in the eyes of the CSO.

CSO officers tag illegally parked bikes and then impound them if they are not moved in two weeks. Registered owners have the option of claiming their impounded bikes before they are auctioned off for the release fee of $24.

“By law, we have to keep [the bikes] in our possession for 90 days,” Perez said. “But once 90 days is up, we prepare them for auction.”

The money raised by the auction will go to the CSO for education material, enforcement and licensing.

Starting prices are set by the auctioneer and are based on the condition and age of the bike. Front tires left over from apparent bike thefts will also be auctioned off.

Freshman biology major Nisha Gupta said she needs a bike to facilitate her daily trek from Francisco Torres to the campus.

“I might stop by to see how cheap I can get a bike,” she said.

Freshman chemical engineering major Hasan Najmuddin said he disagrees with the CSO bike collection methods.

“I think it kind of sucks that CSO impounds people’s bikes and sells them just because they aren’t in the designated stalls,” he said. “Everyone deserves to get their bike back.”