Editor, Daily Nexus,

“What are we going to do without Tìo Alberto’s?” is a question I have heard several times and I wish to offer some opinions on the matter to help others cope with the loss.

Tìo Alberto’s had the fastest and cheapest food in Isla Vista, and the food tasted pretty authentic. I love Mexican food, which has been by far my favorite type of food for years. Now I.V. residents have more limited choices for Mexican food.

Taquería Rincon Alteño: most authentic burrito joint, with the best salsa bar.

The Cantina: tasty breakfast burritos and other good food, but get ready to wait and to pay 50 cents for every extra (small) tortilla you want.

Freebirds: fast and easy, but definitely gringo food.

Rosarito: excellent all around; try the chimichanga or acazuela.

María’s (AKA Lupita’s): In my opinion the best food in I.V., but it’s more of a restaurant than a quick grub.

A couple of places outside of I.V.: La Carreta (Storke Road and Hollister Avenue) has my favorite breakfast and El Sitio (Fairview Road between highway 101 and Hollister) is a must try.

I hope this helps people choose some future meals that make their tummies smile, but I miss TA’s food, the friendly people who worked there and the $2 burritos.