Locals seeking “Peaceful Justice” in response to the recent terrorist attacks will gather tomorrow at noon in De La Guerra Plaza in downtown Santa Barbara.

The event, organized by the Coalition for Peaceful Justice, is part of a national day of “peaceful action” and will likely serve as a political demonstration, according to Sharon Hoshida, the coalition’s advisor. Women’s studies Professor Eileen Boris, sociology graduate student Hada Jadallah, religious studies Professor Juan Campo, and other scholars, activists and faith leaders will deliver speeches.

Hoshida said the recently formed group has already been involved in creating a “hate-free zone” in front of Davidson Library.

“We started as an informal study group, and we decided we should organize as a coalition because so many groups were involved – students, faculty and organizations whose common goal is peaceful justice,” Hoshida said. “We just filed ourselves as a student group this week. I think, or I hope, that we have already impacted people at least on a subliminal level with our ‘hate-free zone.’ People know that there is a place where they can feel safe and also talk about peace.”

Hoshida said the coalition is a venue to voice peaceful interests free from criticism.

“We want to install peace as a reasonable means of resolving the issues we are facing today. With all this patriotism and call for action, people are afraid to ask for peace because they are afraid of being unpatriotic,” she said. “We don’t really have any idea how many people will participate; we hope people will come out for this national day of action and dialogue.”

– Ladan Moeenziai