Editor, Daily Nexus:

I would like to congratulate and thank the Nexus for its coverage of the “David Horowitz episode” in Tuesday’s paper. The Nexus stuck to its guns. It did not allow any one person, group or side to dictate its actions; it was able to do what apparently many other college publications were not – that is, to stay above the fray when so many from both extremes wished to make them the center of it.

It is all too rare these days to be exposed to information through media that is truly informative and considerate. I applaud the Nexus for running what may have always been, and definitely is now, a relevant opinion piece presenting Horowitz’s views on slavery reparations. Equally important is the thoughtful and, for once, insightful staff editorial explaining the Nexus’ decisions regarding the situation.

All too often I am greatly disappointed with the apparent thought process behind the Nexus’ opinions, decision and also the accuracy of the information presented. I hope that the Nexus will endeavor to be this thoughtful and independent with all that it does, not just politically sensitive issues like this “advertisement.”