Kip Fulbeck is fluent in the language of pop culture.

It is a vocabulary of songs everyone in a graduating high school class knows by heart and the handful of advertising campaigns that creep into homes as plush toys or prime time television movies. It is the collective voice of soundbites from films based on characters from Saturday Night Live routines repeated ad nauseam in social interactions. It is a language of a million bits and pieces of information that mutate our thought processes, individually and as a culture.

Award-winning video maker, performance artist and UCSB professor Kip Fulbeck presents the fictional autobiography Paper Bullets. Fictional autobiography?!? What, no reality-based television show mentality with the promise of the dirt on a real person from the most intimate of sources? Fulbeck promises the reader it’s all there and offers up personal stories of the relationships he’s had in his life – relationships with people, nature and one’s inner self.

He deals in no small part with his own self-identification as a Hapa.