Editor, Daily Nexus:

I just wanted to write in response to the two Opinion columns published in the Nexus on May 23 (“Nexus Fumbles the Truth About Football, President” and “A Knight’s Tale: A Few Parting Stabs From an Outgoing Senior”). First of all, I am glad that the new president-elect Brian Hampton clarified his goals as president for next year. Admittedly, after reading numerous Nexus articles regarding the new president’s goals, I was beginning to doubt the way Associated Students would function next year. His issues to be worked on for next year are the top concerns I’m certain any student has. Safety on and off campus and bike path and parking improvements are all major concerns that need to be taken seriously. Mr. Hampton has a long year ahead of him – best of luck.

Well, just after getting relief after reading Hampton’s clarification article on his stance and goal as president, the article immediately following reamed him once again. Give the newly elected Associated Students a chance before talking smack. Joseph Milbury’s Opinion column, titled “A Knight’s Tale: A Few Parting Stabs From an Outgoing Senior”, contained a lot of frustration toward UCSB. I don’t disagree with Mr. Milbury; he is entitled to his frustration. I’ve been frustrated many times with this campus. However, rather than remaining frustrated and, for example, wondering if Chancellor Yang really did exist … I went to visit him. He is on the fifth floor of Cheadle Hall, and his door remains open all day to students. Any time I have attempted to talk to him about my frustration with UCSB, I’ve been able to that same day. After the tragedy on Sabado Tarde Road that occurred last quarter, Chancellor Yang, his wife and many others were out keeping candles lit and made sure the students were OK. I’m thankful for a Chancellor who goes out of his way for his students.

Experiencing further frustration with UCSB, a fellow Legislative Council representative and I made an attempt to go out and make a difference. I fully agree with Mr. Milbury – there is nothing more frustrating than going to a student services office during your only free time during the day, only to find that the office is closed during lunch. Grrr. Well, you and many other students will be happy to know that your elected Legislative Council wrote a Resolution to encourage Student Services to be open during the lunch hour. Vice Chancellor Michael Young and Chancellor Yang are working with Student Services as we speak to compromise with the students. Rather than remaining frustrated for all four years, go out there and do something about it.

So if you want to use your time to blow out the Eternal Flame, Joseph Milbury, more power to you. I, on the other hand, will take my time and frustrations and try to make something of them. Your experience here at UCSB is what you make of it, as is your life after you leave here. You mentioned that you feared for your life and that you never wanted to go back to Isla Vista, Joe. Well, it’s a good thing that the president whom you insulted is making it his priority to work on safety in Isla Vista. Best of luck to the graduating class of 2001, especially to you, Joseph Milbury.