It’s down to the nitty-gritty.

With Milwaukee’s game-seven thumping of the Hornets and Philly’s dramatic game seven disposal of the Raptor’s, the NBA is down to its final four. And while most pundits will tell you that the championship is still up for grabs, I’m here to tell you different.

Barring any major injuries or an act of God, the Los Angeles Lakers will walk away in June with their second-straight NBA Title.

But before the Lake Show can add another banner to the rafters of the, uh, Staples Center, it must dispose of a seasoned San Antonio team. The Spurs come in with the best chance of dethroning L.A., but as the Lakers proved in their 104-90 game-one win, even the Twin Towers can’t stop the Diesel and Kobe when they get going. Though Shaq and Kobe didn’t exactly get along during the regular season, it appears that they have gelled just in time to blitz their way through the rest of the NBA.

Granted, it’s still early in the series, but the game-one whipping demonstrated the problems that the Lakers pose to every NBA team. If the opposition concentrates too much on Shaq, then it leaves Kobe open, and when that happens Bryant will burn you every time. And as if that’s not enough, if L.A. happens to get flustered, all it has to do it turn to its coach, Phil Jackson. The “Zen Master” almost never looses his cool, and knows what to do in almost every situation.

But what about the East? If the Spurs can’t take out the Lakers, do you really think the 76ers or Bucks stand a chance? Both Eastern Conference teams are coming off a grueling seven-game series, meaning that no matter how long the Conference Finals go, the Lakers will be facing a tired team. And while it’s tempting to choose the Sixers and MVP Allen Iverson to make it out of the East, I just don’t see it happening. Milwaukee’s Big Three is too talented, even for the Answer.

But once the Bucks make it to the Finals they will be in for a rude awakening. The Lakers are hungry for another title, and no Wisconsin basketball team is going to stop them.